The Library is your gateway to government information, both in print or online. As a selective depository we provide access to a current collection of forecasts, reports, and studies from the federal, provincial and local levels of government. These resources cover a wide range of topics, from the environment, to social and cultural issues.

Legal Information

The Library also serves as a resource for basic Canadian legal information. This includes access to current and past legislation at the Federal, provincial and local levels of government. We can also help you get started with any personal legal research you might undertake (Please note: We cannot provide legal advice, we can only assist you with the location of legal resources).


Looking for statistics? Oakville Public Library offers access to up-to-date census information, as well as statistical reports covering a variety of subjects. Stop by any of our branches and ask staff for help finding the data you need.


Don't forget our databases! The Library offers free access from home, office, and school to several online databases containing magazine, journal, and newspaper articles related to Government and Legal Information. We are also a great source for online Statistical data.

Government Documents