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Teens' Rights In The Public Library Policy


The Oakville Public Library Board endorses the policy statement of the OLA concerning "Teens' Rights in the Public Library" dated 2010.

OLA Policy Statement

Teens in Public Libraries have the right to:

  1. Intellectual freedom.
  2. Equal access to the full range of materials, services, and programs specifically designed and developed to meet their unique needs.
  3. Adequate funding for collections and services related to population, use and local community needs.
  4. Collections that specifically meet the needs of teens.
  5. A library environment that complements their physical and developmental stages.
  6. Welcoming, respectful, supportive service at every service point.
  7. Library Programs and Services appropriate for Teens.
  8. Trained and knowledgeable staff specializing in teen services.
  9. An advocate who will speak on their behalf to the library administration, library board, municipal council and community to make people aware of the goals of teen services.
  10. Library policies are written to include the needs of the youth.

Effective Date: May 29, 2014
Motion #: 14.05.53
Next Review Date: 2018
Supersedes Policy Dated: September 23, 2010 ,new
Motion #: 10.09.75
Filed in: Board Manual, Public Service Manual (Sect. 5.50.1), Collection Development Manual; Added to Website