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Security Clearance Check

Purpose and Scope

The purpose of the security clearance check is to help create and maintain a safe environment for vulnerable people using library services, including children, youth, and patrons with disabilities.

This policy applies to all employees and volunteers of the Oakville Public Library.

For all employees and volunteers, the library requires a Security Clearance Check which includes a Vulnerable Sector Screening as a condition of employment. This Security Clearance Check/Vulnerable Sector Screening must be dated within six months of the employee's date of hire and must be submitted to the Human Resources department prior to or on the first day of employment.

The presence of any criminal conviction in a Security Clearance Check/ Vulnerable Sector Screening indicating a behaviour or pattern of behaviour that may put at risk the safety and wellbeing of library users would disqualify a candidate from working for the Oakville Public Library.

Effective Date: October 24, 2013 Motion #: 13.10.95
Supersedes Policy Dated: November 27, 2008, June 27, 2002, January 27, 2005 Motion #: 08.11.103, 02.06.83, 05.01.03
Next Review Date: 2017
Filed in: Board Manual, Human Resources Manual (Sect. 6.10), Added to Website