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Purpose and Scope

The Oakville Public Library Board expects its members to understand the extent of their authority and to use it appropriately. This policy sets out the obligations of individual board members.


  1. Each board member is expected to become a productive participant in exercising the duties of the board as a whole.
  2. Individual members of the board are responsible for exercising a Duty of Diligence as follows:

    1. be informed of legislation under which the library exists, board bylaws, all library policies, mission, vision and values
    2. be informed about the activities of the library and the community and issues that affect the library
    3. attend board meetings regularly and contribute from a personal, professional and life experience to the work of the board
    4. be prepared for all board meetings and use meeting time productively.
    5. participate in all board development opportunities
  3. Individual members of the board are responsible for exercising a Duty of Loyalty, as follows:

    1. adhere to the regulations of the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act. R.S.O. 1990, c. M50
    2. act in the interest of the library members and community over and above other interest group involvement, membership on other boards, council or personal interest
    3. speak with "one voice" once a decision is reached and a resolution is passed by the board
    4. represent the library positively to the community
  4. Individual members of the board are responsible for exercising a Duty of Care, as follows:

    1. promote a high level of library service
    2. consider information gathered in preparation for decision making
    3. offer personal perspective and opinions on issues that are subject to board discussion and decisions
    4. show respect for the opinions of others
    5. assume no authority to make decisions outside of board meetings
    6. know and respect the distinction in the roles of the board and the staff
    7. refrain from individually directing the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the staff without Board approval or outside of duties as an Officer (ie: Chair)
    8. respect the confidential nature of library service to users while being aware of, and in compliance with, applicable laws governing freedom of information
    9. promote intellectual freedom
Final Approval Date: June 27, 2013
Motion #: 13.06.48 Next Review Date: 2017
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