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Individuals or groups wishing to make a presentation to the Oakville Public Library Board regarding a specific issue are asked to notify the Secretary of their intention a week prior to the meeting, if possible.

Notification can be by letter, email or telephone and should provide contact information, explain the nature of the presentation as well as provide an indication of the numbers of people attending and any special requirements so that proper accommodation can be made. The Secretary of the Board can be reached:

  • by phone at 905-815-2042 x. 5023
  • by email at
  • by mail at:
    Oakville Public Library Board,
    c/o Secretary to the Board, Oakville Public Library,
    120 Navy Street, Oakville, ON, L6J 2Z4

The presenter can request that the Secretary of the Board or a delegated staff make contact with the individual or group presenting in order to ensure that technical requirements are made available as best as possible by the Library, and to assist with the distribution of the presentation and any related documents. If the presenter wishes to opt out of being contacted, presenters are encouraged to provide the Board with a written copy of their presentation.

Delegations will be scheduled at the beginning of the meeting, with the time to speak determined by the Chair of the Board.

The matter addressed by the delegation will be discussed by the Board as a regular part of the agenda.

Effective Date: June 27, 2013
Motion #: 13.06.51 Next Review Date: 2017
Supersedes policy dated: November 22, 2007
Motion #: 07.11.105 Page 1 of 1
Filed in: Board Manual, Public Service Manual (5.2), Website