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Purpose and Scope of Policy

This policy defines who has access to the library's collections. It applies to all members of the public.


Customers of all ages have open access to all of the collections provided by the Library with the following exceptions:

Talking Books are available only to those who meet the eligibility criteria established by the publishers of this format. Honouring the legal requirements of the Ontario Theatres Act, films classified as "Restricted" by the Ontario Film Review Board are available only to those 18 and over. The library may limit the borrowing of certain classes of material to protect against theft or damage.

Responsibility for the use of any resources by minors rests with the parent or legal guardian.

Effective Date: June 27, 2013
Motion #: 13.06.56
Next Review Date: 2017
Supersedes Policy Dated: September 23, 2010, December 12, 2002, November 24, 2005, January 22, 2009
Motion #: 10.09.74, 02.12.146, 05.11.114, 09.01.08 Page 1 of 1
Filed in: Board Manual, Public Service Manual (5.51 d), Collection Development Manual; Added to Website